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Does she have a crush on me?

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If you think she's out of your league, then dating won't really work.

But continue by all means to talk to her. You can improve your social skills and get more practice at interacting with people just by relaxing and seeing where things go with her as a workplace friend.



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2 hours ago, Sia89 said:

What I said about her so-called misdeed belonged to the past. She treated me rudely and I mirrored the consequences back into her face without hesitation. I'm not the guy who tolerates contempt. But nowadays, we're OK. We've started knowing each other more. She proactively lets me know about some details of her life without me bothering myself when and how to question her. I sense she has changed her mind and now feels positive about me. But consulting with other men and women here doesn't hurt anyway.

The fact that raising issues of the past, and don't know if there's malicious intent shows that you haven't left it all behind.  

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4 hours ago, Sia89 said:

Maybe my language is a bit harsh, but in contrast with what my words look like, I think she is out of my league. Perhaps that's another reason that I don't believe her to be interested in me. She's gorgeous, smart, confident, and frank. Overall, I admire her for what she is. I'm not trying to patronize her here, I'm just pouring my true feelings out.

Yes, harsh.

I don't know, Sia89.

It's nice that you find her gorgeous, smart, confident and frank.

Your posts, however, seem to indicate dissatisfaction with her rather than anything else.


Not sure what motivates you to consider dating someone you view so unfavorably and contemptuously.

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12 hours ago, Sia89 said:

. The main problem is that I do like her, but at the same time doesn't trust her. 

This is common. A crush on an attractive co-worker. However if you won't even go for a coffee break at work, don't bother building up an entire relationship in your mind.

Keep in mind, she's there to get a paycheck. The workplace is not a singles club, so why not just leave her alone and play these games at clubs and bars?

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On 9/29/2022 at 5:45 AM, Sia89 said:

Hi all

I am a young single guy currently working in a lab (about 4 months) with a dozen of scientists. Among them, there is a single, and really beautiful girl (my colleague) who ignored me (kinda rudely) the most at first, and I did the same to her to return the favor as nicely as possible, no hello, no even a smile. 😏 I'm not sure when and how it started; maybe once upon a soft argument we had over a safety protocol, but anyway, now it's a couple of weeks or a bit longer that I've noticed she's apparently showing subtle interest to know more about me. Her demeanor has turned friendly, is very up and ready to say hello and greet me, and she usually tries to ask me kinda personal questions during our working conversations. She doesn't consume all her coupons in a single day, instead, she usually asks me a single or two personal questions in a day when at work and only when we're alone. She seems to know what she's doing, but I'm not sure what she intends to convey to me. Here are some attempts she did to extract info out of my life:

1) Asking about my age
2) Telling me her own age while I never asked because I know it may look rude to girls and women. We now know she's one year younger than me.
3) Asking about my previous posts and occupation before starting my job here.
4) Offering me her number for working reasons and asking for mine as well while I never asked for a phone number exchange. (of course, this one went so bad and awkward. Don't blame me. I myself even don't know what happened, I just know none of us have each other's number yet, at least me. 😑)
5) Asking me if I'm single.
6) Asking me about my plans for the future.
7) etc.

Can such behavior mean that she has a crush on me or is evaluating me for marriage maybe?

My guts tell me neither to take her seriously nor to bother my life with a stupid love story; however, honestly, I like her, but still doubt whether she's into me or it's just my foolish imagination since I've caught her a couple of times talking and joking with other colleagues, too. I felt jealous when she looked at me and kept sharing words and smiles with others, but no reaction/attention was sent to her from my side for the sake of my attitude. I never ever want to look rude or freak. Just help me understand this bizarre creature. 🤨

I don’t see anything here related to romantic interest. I’m curious if you’ve never been friendly or cordial with female colleagues before? It only sounds like she’s accepted you as part of the work gang. She has mild curiosity but nothing too forward. You did also mention she’s friendly with everyone else. No need to be suspicious of her or distrust her. There’s nothing much here to go on. Keep things professional and make conversation with other colleagues as well.

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