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how to find a girl similar age to hang around with on and off


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hi everyone

was wondering how and what would be the best way to find a good looking girl to hang around with on and off the old way by going out face to face and not use apps which alot seem to do now days.

wanting a chance to hang around girls on and off and am looking for a girl to hang around with and be able to do the boyfriend girlfriend things with.

the following is what am looking for in a girl.

no kids and doesnt want kids.

not share the usual couples things.

not live together 24/7/365.

the following is last chances that have had and havent had anymore since the latest chance and its now 2022.

2005 at year 12 formal took a cousin to it.

2012 at a cousins wedding a person that had known for years was there and danced with her

2013 at a friends bbq tea a girl was there and spoke to her.

2014 at a cousins wedding danced with another cousin.

2015 was at cousins and we went in a tin boat just on a river

what would be a way in a small town and how do you get a girl without apps.

also how do you get a girl when you usually work when everyone else is out, how do you talk to girls and get numbers.

just feeling like itll never happen and cant afford to hire a companion even if its just to practice and get out of trouble until the real thing comes, plus live with people which makes it hard though not impossible.

and dont have a van to be able to pay for a cheaper powered site which would be quicker and more comfortable than a tent when it comes to heating and cooling and have to completely depend on cabins until then.

what could be done as a stop gap solution until a girl comes that isnt going to cost heaps


thanks for any help

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