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Deleting threads or user history

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This gets asked often so I will quote our stock/automated response for future reference:


As a matter of practice, LoveShack.org does not delete submissions to our community unless they violate our Community Guidelines or Terms of Use. Our discussions are a place where people devote time and energy to responding thoughtfully and learning from each other, and deleting posts and threads is a disservice to those who offered their time in responding. We encourage all participants to remain anonymous, refrain from disclosing any information about themselves that would risk their identity being compromised, and to be cautious when choosing a display name that is unique from others you may use elsewhere. We encourage you to take a look at some tips we've compiled on how to Stay Safe on LoveShack.org.

However, we have some options available to you that may be of interest:

Change your display name (a.k.a. username):
Some participants realize that the display name they've chosen is one they are no longer happy with or does not meet our recommendations for being as anonymous as possible and different from accounts they've used in other contexts. You may want to change your display name to something else, and are able to do so once every sixty days on your own. We set this limit so that individuals think carefully about the display name that they choose and do not frequently change their display name, confusing others. However, should you have a need to change your display name before your sixty day period has elapsed, please contact us and we can consider exceptions.

To change your display name, sign in to LoveShack.org using your account, navigate to your Account Settings, and select the Display Name tab. Here's a direct link:

Please note that changing your display name will not change the content of posts. If, for example, someone has addressed you by your display name in a post they've submitted or otherwise mentioned you, or if you have included your display name within the body of your postings, those messages will not be automatically updated by choosing a new display name.

It's a good idea to also review your profile fields and ensure that the information you've shared here are also not compromising your identity. You may review and edit your profile while signed in by clicking on your display name wherever it appears on the site.

Requesting post or thread edits:
Generally speaking, while things participants discuss on LoveShack.org feel very personal and unique, in reality, when our community participants follow our Community Guidelines, the information you include in your posts rarely compromise your personal identity. However, it's up to you to ensure that you take necessary precautions when posting, such as avoiding the inclusion of identifiable specifics.

If, in retrospect, there are specific submissions you've made to the community that contain information that may reasonably compromise your anonymity, you may request that a moderator review the content in question and make the edits necessary to remove or change specifics that should have not been included in your original submission. To do so, you will need to sign into LoveShack.org, navigate to the content in question, and use the "flag" link that appears on the submission to queue the content for moderator review. Please remember, that as a matter of practice, we will only make changes that prevent your identity from being recognized by others. As examples, we may remove or alter references to specific geographic places, names, specific ages, workplaces, and other content that were included against our Community Guidelines, however we will not remove anything that radically alters the basis of the thread in question.

Deactivating your account:
If you'd like to indicate that you are no longer an activate participant on our community, decide you need some time away from LoveShack.org, or would like to otherwise inactivate your account, you may choose to deactivate your account. Doing so will disable private messages, e-mail notifications, and prevent you from using your account again without going through the reactivation process.

To deactivate your account, sign into LoveShack.org, navigate to your Account Settings, select the Overview tab, and then select the Deactivate Account link. Choose the option to Deactivate My Account. Here's a direct link:

Follow the instructions displayed to deactivate your account. Once you've completed the process, you will need to reactivate your account to use it again, so if you'd like to do one of the options above first, please make sure you've done those before deactivating your account.


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