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Saying Goodbye to a Girl; Meeting a New One


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This year has been a year when I met new women. But it's kinda funny that one girl leads to another one.

The first girl I courted from February to May. She stopped responding to me for a long time... so I joined Tinder May 6. A day after, I met this female doctor.

We dated for several weeks. The last was last Sunday.

But I felt that everything just feels flat. I kinda feel that so many things were off.

Around early August, I saw this new girl on a webinar.

She was on pensive mood at that moment. I was like, why was she so reflective.

A golden moment caught my interest. She suddenly smiled.

Right there and then, I knew that I wanted to meet this girl.

As I've been dating what I find to be quite a 'robotic' girl, I realized that I have to jettison all the standards my parents set for their ideal daughter-in-law.

I realized that all I ever wanted was a girl with 'personality.'

And while the female doctor ticks all the boxes, this new girl ticks only one box --- the only one that ever mattered: PERSONALITY.

Immediately, I looked her up on FB and added her. She's *single.*

Last Sunday felt like the draw to me. The female robotic doctor bores me with lack of intimacy. So I chatted this new girl.

I felt so at ease with her. She was fun to talk with. Our conversations were spontaneous.

Right there and then, I know that I want to say goodbye to the doctor.

It's not because I want this new girl, but that I don't want to end up with the doctor.

I felt so strongly about saying goodbye that when I was working out at the gym a while ago, I was able to lift weights I have never been able to lift before. It went so easy for me.

After the workout, I saw how buff I already am. I felt good.

Right after dinner, I immediately wrote the letter. I couldn't take it anymore.

And this new girl was chatting with me.

I sent her the letter because I wanted someone to talk about it with.

The letter was something very personal and something that's deeply rooted.

That my parents want this female doctor had something to do with it.

I've spent all my life pleasing my parents that I have lost the freedom to pursue the things that I wanted to pursue.

And with them trying to convince me that the doctor is the one for me felt so suffocating.

I want to break free.

And I see this new girl to be like a keyhole leading me to a new chapter of my life --- a life where I stopped following my parents' desires for me.

The new girl said all the things I ever needed to hear.

And so, maybe she's just the right one I ever needed. The one my parents would never want me to end up with.

She ticks only one box: PERSONALITY. But it is all that matters.

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Well the doc wasn't right that's for sure , but eh , why in God's name would anyone wanna be with a doctor anyway male or female. And parents well , they aren't the one spending their life with her.

Good luck with the new girl , let us know how things are going eh.

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You do change your mind rather quickly.  If you are bored with the doctor break things off with her.  Then you can chase whomever. 

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7 hours ago, chillii said:

Well the doc wasn't right that's for sure ,

Why do you say so? Did you feel anything from my posts about her?

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On 9/1/2021 at 3:01 AM, luiscasabuena said:

But I felt that everything just feels flat. I kinda feel that so many things were off.

That's a funny question when you've even said this yourself.

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