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How good are my chances with this girl? She's giving me mixed signals

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This girl I have a crush on is giving me so many mixed signals and I’m confused. Do you guys think she might be returning  my feelings. Quick backstory we both in the same degree in uni. I've know her for 3 months.


I remember the first few weeks I meet her and we had an appointment to meet in the library  and she never showed up and the next time I saw her I told her she had me listening to jucie wrld because she never showed up. And she was like please no just stop it seemed like she said it in such a disgusted way like she didn’t want to imagine any sort of relationship with me. Last week I used the same joke on a different girl and then the girl I’m Interested in just got involved and said I though I was the only girl that could make you listen to jucie wrld I thought what we had was special. It seems like such a contradiction from her reaction weeks ago.


I asked her do we remember the date we meet on. I only asked because we meet on the physics deadline which was the hardest deadline ever, I will never forgot the 20th of March. And she said I don’t remember because we have never been on a first date, and the way she said it, it seemed like she wanted me to ask her to one. Then I told her that wasn’t what I meant. I don’t understand how you misunderstand that question that badly it felt like she forced it to go in that direction. Also I wanted to ask her out as a follow up  question but we were in the middle of an exam it wasn’t the appropriate place to do that. 

I remember the first few weeks I told her so many jokes and it seemed like she was disinterested and didn’t find them funny and wasn’t listening , this last week she has literally thrown back at me every single joke that I have ever told her and she just seems so happy when saying them

Last month whenever it was a group of people  she would always ignore me  and act like I was a ghost but nowadays she keeps talking to me a lot in big groups.  She would even ignore me for people she just meet and seemed like she was more interested in them. I don’t understand this sudden change of behaviour 

I remember one day we meet up , weeks ago she said she was going to come dressed up buggy and I told her it was fine and she said why are you saying it’s fine I don’t dress up to impress you. Yesterday it was just me and her and she was constantly fixing her self makeup, eyelashes and even said she’s going to the toilet to find a mirror to fix her hair. It seems like such a contradiction I thought you didn’t dress for me so why are you fixing yourself so much when it’s just me and you. She always gets overly excited over my complaints I even had her blushing one time just from saying a simple I miss you, she even said she don’t know to response at times to my compliments. She always plays with her hair around me and fixes her makeup. She looks at the ground after I compliment her 

Yesterday she was singing the friends (tv show) lyrics and was saying the lyrics have the potential to describe us as we get to know each other more since we have only know each other for 3 months and then she asked if I will always be on her side and I said yeh and she was smiling hard. 

One time she was telling this guy she knows for one year that he’s her best guy uni friend and then she looked and me said she’s joking and it’s me and I don’t know how much truth is in this since she could have just said this to annoy the guy she’s know for a year.

I’m confused there’s too many mixed signals there will be periods of times where I don’t exists for her and she won’t even say hi or bye and then periods of time where her interest in me just increases

She  said in a group setting she don’t want to date anyone form the mediterranean because she’s from there and Italy is Mediterranean as well and I’m from Italy and she literally just told me I’m invited to her future wedding which sounds like the friend zone to me. She wants to explore different cultures. I’m pretty sure she has a thing for Pakistan boys since that’s all she ever goes on about with her friends. She was even saying something about  Pakistan and Egyptian wedding (didn’t really hear too well) . My friends keep saying this is just a jealously tactic to see how I would react as she choose her words too carefully with reference to the Mediterranean. They also say I can change her mind even if it ls a real thing  but I don’t agree with what they are saying and I think she generally meant what she said. 

As a follow up there this Pakistan guy she talks to a lot and everyone always saids it’s between me and him to get her. This guy has a black car and one time in a group setting where the Pakistan guy wasn’t there she said she already knows who she wants as her boyfriend and her boyfriend must have a black car. Again all my friends are saying she’s testing me to see how I would react and the way she’s limiting her words without giving too much detail it’s proof of that. I really don’t believe them I feel like she might like the Pakistan guy. 

Lately she was even talking to her best friend about me saying she’s so glad  she meet me and I’m funny guy and a nice person to be around and that she will miss me during the holiday 

The next time I will see her is in October I’m thinking of gifting her a Egyptian necklace with her name on it written in arbic since she’s Egyptian and then hanging out with her until January as we do activities with each other in general although it's mostly group hangouts but this time im going to ask her to events where its only me and her like movies etc and after our final exam in January I will tell her how I feel about her 


How good do you guys think my chances are? Roughly what percentage do I have of being successful if I ask her out from an outside perspective, since I think my friends are too bias ? 

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There is nothing to be confused by.

She's not interested. 

The equation: there is no such thing as "mixed" signals any more than there is such a thing as partially pregnant. Even the person signals loudly and clearly that they like you or they don't. Mixed = not interested.

And this woman seems strange to me. The bigger question is why the heck are you interested in this woman? She doesn't seem to be much fun at all to hang with. Move on to someone less flaky and strange. 

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