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Does anyone plan out their day with a schedule and how's it going?

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Happy Lemming
2 hours ago, Shortskirtslonglashes said:

Just yesterday, I found a way to talk myself out of accomplishing two important marks on my calendar, all because the night before I had stayed up too late with my boyfriend and I guess they weren’t that important.

Look we are all still dealing with this horrible pandemic.  If you can find some happiness... any happiness, go for it!!  Under the present circumstances, if you can take a chore or task and "kick it down the road" because there is something fun to do, so be it.  In addition to you finding some happiness, I'm sure you provided great joy to your boyfriend. 

These are extraordinary times we are trying to get through, so cut yourself some slack.

As an example, my girlfriend is beating herself up because of her weight gain during the pandemic.  I told her who cares if you gained a few pounds.  We stayed in, social distanced, stayed healthy, and kept our sanity intact. We are going to survive this horrible Covid-19 mess... gaining a few pounds is a small price to pay for that success.

You missing a deadline or two is a small price to pay to keep your mental health intact.

Personally, I'm happy you found some joy with your beau last night!!


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