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Strange behavior of my Landlord


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When I moved out a few months ago, I reflected on how often I was spied on and watched by my landlord. He lived there but I told him from the start 7 years ago, that

I did not want him to be my roommate, and I needed healthy boundaries. Maybe someone on Love Shack can explain this to me.  I don't know what it is and is it strange behavior? I was going to go back to my place, once I get some money for the rent. but I wanted to check and see if I have anything to worry about him?

I don't have kids, I live alone and I was not afraid of him he is a great guy, and not at all weird, not by my standards anyway.

Okay I had to use my blowdryer for my hair and I noticed three knots in the cord. I took them out. Then when I had to find my charger for my device, I took it from the same box, is always under my bed, and my room back there is LOCKED only the landlord has a key. I don't leave it open when I took a shower. Which is in the laundry room next to the kitchen. So I had to take three knots, out of the charger and then I noticed that ALL the cords in the box have two or three knots. One is a regular knot, and two were fancy that you would have to look up, used for lines on boats or in Boy Scouts. Okay I dont want to sound weird but I spent a long time, taking out 63 knots and recently I also found out my Iron, which was stored in the laundry room was also knotted, I just left those in because of the Pandemic I use the iron every day. The items that don't have knots are my webcam and my computer power cord, but the monitor and the alarm system was knotted up! My poor wires is some freak doing this or is it a pschological thing he did? What does it mean has anyone had this? I tried looking it up but no one has it. I have to say that I have been wearing a mask for years, only in the shower, which I suspected had a hidden camera in it, I mean every time I went to take a shower not matter what time It was, I took in the dark or I wore a surgical mask, so whoever was viewing could not see it was me. Now I have great practice for wearing the mask during the Pandemic. Only my hair dresser would wear the same kind of mask she was afraid of germs. And yes, sounds even more freeky but my landlord is Chinese and yes I did get the room on Craigslist. I did not get to read the ad, so maybe it asked for sexy models to rent the room thats why I never asked him. The rent is so reasonable in our high class neighborhood. Also comment if you think I should mention it, when I move back in?

So if you got any knots in your appliance cords, I never ever noticed them until I moved away. I did see one and I thought it was a mistake, and then another and I thought well maybe thats how you save energy? Then I kept breaking my own cords so frequently that I had to buy new ones, you know the little chargers, and I once asked my landlord to borrow his and he said no he also shut off the wifi, claiming that I used too much data, but I dont think thats the reason. I think he may have seen me wearing a surgical mask in the shower! Maybe.

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