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How do I know what job I should apply for in this case?

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So now that covid is not as bad as before, I want to get back into work now, but do not know what job to get.  The thing is, I lost quite a bit of weight since the loss of the job and in a good way.  Plus I was having insomnia problems, which I talked about on here, before but since my last job I haven't had any insomnia problems.

Every since covid and me not working, I lost weight and my sleep has been much better.  I think the reason is is because my last job, had a lot of mandatory overtime, and I just wasn't able to wind back down after working 12 hour shifts for six days a week.

Most of the jobs available right now are warehouse jobs, but I don't want to go back to warehouse, because of the mandatory overtime, out of fear of insomnia again, and weight gain.  So what do you think?  Should I perhaps avoid warehouse work then because of the overtime, and try to stick to other professions where insomnia may not be a problem then?

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