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Was it emotional abuse?


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Hi there, my relationship ended nearly 2 weeks ago now and I have started to tell people everything that went on and they are saying it was emotional abuse I was suffering, I just wanted others opinions. This will be long so I hope you take The time to read it.


We had been in same sex relationship for 4 and a half years, engaged for several months. She had previously broken up with me a couple of years ago and two months into the break up she wanted to try again, so we did and it was bliss for a few months then went downhill again. It has been incredibly stressful as the house was in her name so I was asked to leave with nothing but the clothes (first break up she gave me two hours to get my stuff and get out) on my back with one of our dogs, and she's trying to keep the other one (my assistance dog) my family think she's using her as a way of control. Anyway, here are just a few situations that people consider to be emotional abuse.


Anytime we had a drink she started on me and would argue with me and call me names (fat etc) which became physical sometimes, and the next day she would portray it all to be my fault and I always just agreed and apologised, but my family and friends say anytime this happened it was always her starting it first and she would make jokes at my expense and try to make a fool out of me.


Any time we had arguments she would take off and go to her parents for days at a time and have a great time while I sat heartbroken and not knowing what was happening, she would return and expect an apology which I always give and for weeks after I would be walking on eggshells around her.


She never straight out said I wasn't allowed to go out or see my friends but the mood she was in when I did go out and snide comments I ended up cutting a lot of people out to make her happy. She always complained I sat in the house too much because of my disability yet when I did go out she made me feel like I had done something terrible. Since the break up I have felt so free and happy, the only stressful part is I'm homeless and living between friends. She is attempting to see some people I'm connected with who she had previously never bothered with, I'm not sure why she's doing this. And one person in particular she is being overly nice too yet all she done was talk badly about them.


I have asked her a few times to get some of my stuff which she conveniently keeps forgetting about.


I know I treated her right, I was always romantic and spontaneous and made sure she felt loved but I never felt that from her, I always felt like nothing I did was good enough. I felt like I was worth nothing. This is just a scratch on the surface, What do you think?

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Your ex was immature, mean, abusive and disrespectful.


I think you know that you can do better than this.:rolleyes:


You might want to sign up for some assertiveness training classes to help recover your self-respect.


And pleeeeease don't go back to her no matter how much she whines and pleads.


Good luck :)

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Thank you for your reply. No I won't be going back there...I am very happy being away from the situation. Thank you I'll look into that :)

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