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Painful to realize, I was same script different casted


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I came out of an abusive relationship a year ago.


I was with my ex for about 7 years, 2 years of casual dating, 5 years of "serious relationship."


I have not been speaking to my ex for a long time and yesterdat we talked again. This time, since we're both moving on, he was telling me about his new girlfriendS. Yes multiple.


The painful thing is, he is continuing the exact thing he used to do with me.

See, when I met my ex, he was seeing multiple women and he loved only 1 woman. After 2 years, we became exclusive, but a lot of those women stayed in his life by means of phone and IM.

This hurt me very much, I cannot explain how it feels to be together with a person who is talking to multiple other people at the same time, but still assures you, you are the only one. Such a confidence killer and so bad for self respect.


Now, he is telling me that he is talking to multiple people and he is just "hanging out" with them, in a casual way. He also tells me he loves me still and I am the only one he wants to be with, if I would have him.


I will never ever get back together with him.


It hurt me so much when I realized that he is just playing the same script with different girls this time. Makes me realize that the only reason him and I lasted so long, is because of my persistence and taking all his cr*p. And not because I am so special. I became special by making him get used to me more than he has ever gotten used to any other girl.


Soon, one of these "casual flings" will demand him to become exclusive and he will enter the lying cheating relationship scheme again. I am sure that he will then still tell me that I am the one he will love forever and the girl will know nothing of all the others.


It's so hard to realize that there are people around who cannot love and commit to one person AND lie about it.



I guess if he were upfront and honest, he wouldn't give anyone hope and it would be fine.


SOrry for the rant....the realization was just painful.

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