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Friend just started dating a verbally abusive man

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So let's draft a message to her now....


"I care about you a lot and I can't and won't stand by & watch this guy drag you down. I fully intend to speak to your mom and dad, with or without your permission, about him. If this negatively impacts our relationship, so be it. I care about your well-being more than anything and I feel that you are making a dangerous decision by being with this guy. I am and always will be your friend, and I'm doing this because I love you. It is NOT RIGHT that you should have to change your number to hide your friends from a man. And vice versa. You asked me not to talk about him when you text me - I won't do that. I won't change the way our friendship works because of a manipulative, emotionally unstable and insecure man who doesn't deserve you. I love you and I will always be here for you. You are LOVED by your friends and family who would be devastated if anything happened to you."


Very good. :)

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