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I feel like I am being gaslighted right now.


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So for a while now, I have been wondering what the deal about this one girl is. Now I have known her for years, but I was never really close with her. We were cordial at times, and I don't recall there ever being any beef.


However, certain ways how she behaved in my presence in recent memory made me more confused than ever before. Now I was not sure what her distaste for me was because of, but I am hardly ever in her presence. Truth be told, I have called her a bitch before, and I know that I am not proud of doing that. But other than that, I had noticed that she did not want to be on the same bus as me, when I knew damn well that I would not do anything to her.


It wasn't until yesterday when my questions have finally been answered, but it was from a friend of hers, who I am also friendly with. Apparently, I allegedly had thrown a chair at her in the past, which I don't remember doing, and I have been giving her a stalker vibe with eye contact, when I know it is far from the truth. I may see her, and when I do, I look away and try not to pay her any mind. But somehow I have been making her feel uncomfortable. The friend, however, told her things in my defense, like how she doesn't see that my behavior is creepy or stalker-like. Then another thing threw me off even more.


I had told the friend that I had known this girl for years, but the friend had said the girl's dad is supposedly friends with my dad, and I was confused even more. Now I am sure that I probably would have met the guy if that were true. If it is true, I could only guess that my dad had known the girl's father in his youth days, but that would be it. Other than that, I am sure that was a lie and probably knows a guy with the same last name as mine and just assumed something.


In some ways now, I am starting to question my own sanity. If the chair incident DID happen, I would remember it, and it had to have been a long time ago when I was in a bad part of my life.


I will say that I have been gaslighted before. One example was from a few years ago when this woman who I thought was a friend, and also worked with, tried to manipulate me into loaning her money and played the age card with me and did a lot of things to try to get me to listen to her. In the end, she was unsuccessful in her manipulation as she did not get what she wanted out of me.


However, the current situation is making me question my own sanity, but at the same time, I am not even worried about this girl because it's possible that she may have been lying about things related to myself. If anything, I laugh at her.

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I have terrible memory and I clearly forget big stuff. Like I don't even remember my first date with my husband 35 years ago.


But what she's describing is behavior, not actions. And I'd think you'd know if you were the type of person to throw a chair at someone!


I just try to steer clear of such people. Not everyone is sane, and I'd bet that that title falls on HER, not you.

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