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Questions regarding physically abused wife


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Ok so we are recently married, we both were previously married.


She says she married to get out of her house and never truly loved her husband. He was not abusive during their dating days, but it started basically on the first night of their honeymoon.


He would punch her, smack her head, shove her head in to mirrors. Would verbally berate her and was very controlling. (Still is).


She says she thought having a baby would fix it, but but it didn't, she thought having a second child would fix it, but it didn't, she agreed to move several times thinking that would fix it. But it never got better, she says she was afraid of him, couldn't trust him, didn't love him and only had sex because she felt she had to, but was disgusted by it.


My question I guess, which I have a hard time dealing with, is how today does she see him (I guess this is how) as a friend?


Obviously they have two kids and the co-parent and I believe in a good relationship between the parents for the children's sake, but it seems to go deeper. There are texts that have nothing to do with the parenting, more like a friendship type "hey did you see, that Bindi Irwin was on Dancing with stars, you can watch the video" type thing, his response was "yea probably shouldn't watch that" and hers to him was "Yeah probably not". This is just one example..


She doesn't tell me all the conversations, I see them when she does show me other texts from him. She tells me that it took her a long time to get to this point but she feels its important for the girls, that they have this relationship. I guess just looking for some insight.

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I need to add that she is constantly telling me that she has never ever felt this type of love for someone, nor has she been the recipient of the type of love I bring. Says she didn't really know what love was before she met me.

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