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Abuse Poems


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Hi Throughout my 20 odd years in abusive relationship. I wrote some poems....helped....here is one I wrote just before we split up (temporarily) in 2011



Look at the date Baby

Realise this

You crossed the line

with your evil tongue

and contrary heart -

Its over!



Look at my face Baby

see the weary lines

How much time did I give you?

Over and over again till I cant

give another day to you?

Its over!



You pushed me

pulled me

swore and controlled me

You said you loved me

then just as I relaxed

believed you

Knocked me -

Down, down, down.



And I got up!

Didn't I?

Always believing, hoping, trying


always positively

starting - again.




for your gentle heart

to stay.



And your Big Brown Eyes to remain-




Then you spin me round

and kick me down, down, down.

And Why? For What?

What have I done?!



No more Baby,

Look at the date, the year, the time,

You crossed the Line.

You crossed the line.

With your Middle Finger

stuck up at me,

hatred emblazoned on your face for me....

You told me...."Its Over"

And I finally.....Agreed.

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November 2011





I cannot wait

to start again

to love again

to breathe again



The future calls me

and its bright

the shadows fall back

in the light of

fresh dreams and hopes.



I feel my heart beat - faster

My breathing quickens

My eyes glow once more

with a new found joy.



I pray this is the real thing,

the forever thing

the open door

I cannot wait

to find out.

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Separated. 2012







He has lost me

I am free!

In my own home,

my space, my first proper home!

A place to be

to laugh

to smile

And this is it finally!

Traumatic though -

those early days were -

It was relatively easy.....

compared to what went on.....


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