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HELP 911 !!!!!!!

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hi mark,


i'm so sorry to hear you have chlamydia. but if anything good can come out of this, it is treatable and the bacteria can be killed with antibiotics. things could have been much, much worse. i know that's hardly a consolation under the circumstances, but at least you found out early enough and it can be treated.


i know a few of us got a bit upset by your post. every single one of us out there has made mistakes before, and will continue to make mistakes in our life. i know in my circumstances, and perhaps other people who posted, i got a bit upset by the whole cheating thing. i feel so bad when i hear of someone being cheated on because it has happened to me, and 9 times out of 10, there always seems to be an excuse for it. and it's damn hurtful.


i hope in my post i didn't sound like i was attacking you. it probably came across that way and i'm sorry. cheating is a very sore point with me, but i guess i can keep my sore points to myself in the future.


i doubt anyone is laughing or calling you names. i sure as hell am not. it's nothing to laugh about or call you names over.


you will be fine mark. you do need time to heal from this as you said, and you did do the right thing by telling your girlfriend considering the outcome. it would have been a tough call to make telling her, but it was for the best.


you will be depressed about this, but something positive will always come from a negative. that is:-


a) this is treatable;


b) you know you won't put yourself in this kind of situation again;


c) even though it hurt to tell your girlfriend, you did the right thing by getting tested first and being honest;


d) you will be able to put this behind you because you will learn from it.


you've obviously learnt a lesson from all of this already and that's what's important. keep up the doctors appointments and don't beat yourself up over it, because what's done is done and at least chlamydia is treatable.


although, i'm damn pissed off at that chick you shagged for poking a hole in the condom. it's just so unfortunate and disgusting that someone can contract an std and be so hell bent on spreading it to others. it's a real shame that some people don't give a damn.


you'll get there in time mark. come back and post again if you feel down. i know that next time i won't shove my opinions in down your throat. the more i thought about your post, the more i thought "s***, this guy just want's a place to vent and some advice. i hope i wasn't too harsh because of my own pet peeves". that's not fair on you. after all, that's what this place is for - advice. sometimes it's blunt, sometimes it's not, but everyone here has good intentions, so don't take too much to heart. just listen to reason and to logic.


i hope you're doing ok now, mark and keep your chin up.

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