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Policy regarding attribution to other threads/postings

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Due to interactions on this forum, I'm posting, in part, our guidelines regarding civility and respect, along with clarification regarding the discussion of past postings between respondents. See below:


Personal attacks against other participants will not be tolerated under any circumstances. We define personal attacks as posted comments which are intended to provoke, demean, or ridicule another participant. It is inevitable that members will sometimes disagree in their responses to any given problem, and LoveShack.org encourages healthy debate comprised of constructive questions and criticisms, so long as they pertain to the post and thread at hand. Personal dislike of another member has no place in any post, on any thread.


We expect that all participants will respond to posts in their specific context, not to the person who has posted. While opinions may be formed of various members based on what they have posted in the past, any response to any particular submission should be grounded in what has been posted in that thread. Past disagreements should not be resurrected in new threads. It is important that criticism be directed at what is stated in a post ("I don't like your idea") rather than at the individual making the statement ("I don't like you").


For clarity, content of past postings are *not* to be resurrected in current threads, with the exception of material posted by the thread starter and *only* relevant to the current thread topical material.


Hence, cross-talk between other posters about their respective postings in the past is deemed *off-topic* and is disallowed.


Additionally, references to past postings of the thread starter which are relevant to the topic shall include a link to the referenced posting as well as a relevant quote from that posting in support of any assertions made or clarifications requested.


Members are directed to address the topic and thread starter. Thanks!

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