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●Does she like me do you think? If so - How should I reply?

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●I was French Kissing this girl in the Club for 1 hour,(She's not the type of girl that just French Kisses guys) Does that mean I was a good enough kisser to snog for 1 hour?Also She wasn't really drunk at all and we use to go to school together,Do you think it was the drink or she likes me? I said to her I had to go and I said "Will you miss me" and she said "Yeah" hugged me and held my hand and it went from there - When she got home at 5:00 she sent me a friend request on Facebook.


▶I said to her this morning:

Hey Beautiful,How are you feeling?


▶She replied:

Hey,Good just slightly hungover :L How are you?


Do you think she likes me? If so,What should I reply back with?

Thanks everyone.

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An HOUR? Was there a contest or something?


But yes, she likes you. Or maybe she liked you while under the influence. Time will tell. Reply by asking her out on a date. Preferably not to another club. Dinner. Or a nice outing in a park, weather permitting. A romantic walk around the city. Not too much liquor.

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