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**UPDATE** of past body language post **long reading

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I wasnt really a believer in bodylanguage, but now I think im starting to believe. Unless its possible for girl to repeatedly glance, and stare at me because they find me so hideously ugly or something...lol Is this possible, seriously? Or sit next to me because im soo ugly?? I dont think so, but do any of the girls on this forum stare and achieve eye contact with people they arent attracted to?lol Cause im getting signs from about 5-6 girls. Thats alot for me, and its hard to believe.


Well I posted previously about getting signs from about 3 girls. 1 girl alot, the other 2 not that much. But now is seems Im getting signs from a total of 5 now. Well with the original 3, the one that gave me signs the most, convinced me of body language. Im only gonna share the first 3 i metioned before in another post.



Girl 1:

I was sitting in class and she sat in front of me. We were waiting for class to start then she suddenly looks real nervous and sits side ways so a shoulder is pointing me. She then starts to glance at me. Then we locked eyes, she started moving closer. I was like "daym this girl has balls" and i looked away then looked back. She still had eye contact with me. Well then she started to play with her gum blowing bubbles, pulling it whatever in a suggestive way. Still look at me occasionally. Showing me wrists, preening all those daym signs. taking off her jacket. When she sat down she even stood there over her seat longer then a person normally would. i know cause i was like why is this girl still standing i looked forward and saw her ass, pretty nice..lol Well this made me talk to her for the first time. I of course was nervous and probably made a fool of myself but she seemed cool, laughing at my jokes. She sat that way almost the whole class period still looking at me. Then she started biting her nails, like really biting. Like she was really nervous. But then the next day we had a exam so she came in late and sat behind me. But after i finished the exam and went to smoke, after i came back in she was sitting in front of me. Eye contact but not that much. We then were given a research assignment and the professor let us work with a partner if we wanted. She looked like she wanted me to ask her. But I didnt really have the balls. Then after she looked like she lost total interest in me. Is this possible?That day she also only turned and sat sideway like twice. This girl is hella cute, but not really the type i dig. But I think there can be potential. What I do know is she has balls, she seems like she would try putting me on check. I dont know.


Girl 2:

Another girl in one of my other classes also is showing signs. We had eye contact and all those other signs like me standing in the hallway waiting for the class to open and she purposely standing right in front of me against the other wall, with like only 2 feet between us.. She came walking from the other side of the hallway and could of waited in a open space with rest of the classmates, but she stood in the hallway like me right across from me on the other wall, these are skinny hallways too with only about 4 feet aisles. Standing right in front of me, feet pointing me blah blah. We locked eyecontact that day in class when i was looking at the person answering a question behind her but then she looked up and wallah, awkward abnormally with long eye contact. She didnt smile or anything so I was like shes giving me the evil eye, so i turned away, turned back and she was still looking. But the next day she comes in unusually loud, talking chatting with the girl next to her. I have a midterm after this class in another class so i was studying looking down at my book. I could see her looking over at me, like alot. She sits next to me so i can see her glance at me a ish load of times. Well then I started getting bored or whatnot and tapped my pen on the desk, right after i stopped or slowed the tapping she starting tapping her pen, like she was copying me. She never did that before, i never heard her tap her pen. So i look over and, more daym eye contact. more preening blah blah. She also wore a hat that day. She never wore a hat before and doesnt seem like the type to ever wear a hat, she looks like high maintaenace. Well I wear a fitted cap, beanie, or any head wear everyday,changing it around of course since i have alooooot, basically cause my hair is short and im lazy when it scomes to hair. Could this be kind of like the body mirroring with her wearing a hat? A girl also asked her about her hat and where she got it from or some ish. I over heard her say , yeah my ex boyfriend use to work for some company and i got it from there. i know shes single cause she made it known when answering some question the teacher asked the class. This girl seems more like my type.


Girl 3:

Well the last girl is most definently my type. I find her attractive and she has soo much style. She sits in front of me in the same class i have with the girl i previously mentioned. Well she glances at me alot to and trys to hide it. Some girls were talking across the room and she turned her head to look at them. But was looking at them for like 3 mins, leaving her head there. My neck would of been stiff and sore if i turned my head like that for the time she did. She didnt even shift her body. just her head. I look up and see the side of her eye looking at me. She plays with her hair, flinging it back over her shoulders. Putting it up, down, then tying it up again. She does this so often that i find her hair on my desk. lol. Well we had to get into groups so we moved seats. I sat with my group acorss the room, but i saw her glance over in my direction looking at me quickly then turning back. This girl i also catch biting her nails too. I just wish this girl gave more body language like the first girl i mentioned so i can be more sure. Cause Im really diggin this one. Same question with this one. Can she find me ugly and thats the reason why shes always looking at me?lol i havent really had reeeeally long eye contact with this one.


Im still kind of skeptical over body language . I still think theres a chance that im just so daym wierd looking that they stare at me out of "daym hes ugly", rather then "i like him" lol. But if thats the reason why do i get the other signs like body mirroring and them trying to get close with me. Im still confused. Im getting this with about 6 different girls. i cant believe it. i dont think it can be possible. I dont usually just go up and pick up on girls. Im not really looking for a girlfriend but if one comes along I wouldnt mind. Im looking for my soul mate rather then just some vagina. but all these supposed signs. i cant believe im posting about all this ish. But this is where i first learned about body language about a year ago. So i thought this is where i will share.


So what do you all think? Should i go with number 1,2, or 3....joking..lol. But are al these signs real? Are all these girls showing interest towards me? Cause there are other girls doing the same. I dont think of myself as a rico suave kind of guy so what is it?lol i dont know

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Originally posted by soulific

I wasnt really a believer in bodylanguage, but now I think im starting to believe.


Look SOULIFIC. I was planning on reading your entire topic post but then I read the first sentence and stopped dead in my tracks and stopped reading. I have not read past this first sentence and I don't need to read any more.


Body language is real, it works and there is no debate about it. Problem is that males are generally not very good decoders of it. Women are much better at sending and decoding body language. Ask any woman.


It works and is fairly accurate once you know what to look for and there are hundreds of books written on it. Read them.

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