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Hey Tony


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Hey thanks for your reply regarding my guys erection (LOL)


He told me something about his stress level that inhibits his mind driven erections, that sounded so weird. However, manually he gets 100 percent erect. He also disclosed the fact that he has visited his doctor about 2 years ago, and his physicall impotenmce has been ruled out. But there is no way that he gets fully erect if there is no penile stimulation.


He told me when he was a teenager, he used to get erect easily by simply kissing his girlfriends. But he has had this problem since he was 20.And one more thing, he does not really have a high sex drive, I initiate it always, and he is always ready, at least 4-5 times week, but if I dont, he just caresses me at night, kisses me, and goes to sleep.


He told me if we make out he enjoys it, but does not get erect fully...


Well this is not a huge problem for me, because we love each other, and I can live with stimulating his penis.


Well, anyway, thanks a lot.

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Hey, Babe...you've got a DREAM situation. When you want it, you got it...when you don't want it, it's no big deal. And all you have to do is stimulate him a little bit.


There a millions of women around the world that can only hope sex was that easy!!!


Now, that low sex drive thing could be a problem in the future. Fequency and excitement in sex diminishes with the most virile of guys as a relationship proceeds through the years. That's something you ought to consider. Talk to a doctor or sex therapist if you should consider marrying him.


Meanwhile, have a good time. No sweat if you have to give him a hand with this.

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