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as time goes on-so do I


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Hey guys, I just thought I'd drop a line to let everyone know what's been going on. I needed to stop coming to the board-I kept bringing up everything and it really held me back from moving on. The support you guys gave me was wonderful, but I just hit a point where I realized I had to start living again, even if I wasn't sure what to do.


It is a little wierd, I went through a lot of emotion and right now I feel like I'm just getting back in the swing of things. I am coming out of some kind of fog, and it feels like I'm a bit dazed-like someone punched me in the nose or something. But sometimes you heart needs to be broken before it can be healed.


Time does make things easier. I don't think about her or us a lot anymore, and when I do it seems so very far away. More like a memory of a dream than something that was real only a few months ago. But you will get better. Time will heal you. You can go on, no matter how bad it seems.


I thought my life was over, but now I can see that I want to do things, there are places to go to, and accomplishments I need to reach. You can't make someone else the center of your life or happiness-that person cannot be perfect, and at some point will let you down. You must be your own person.


I had to learn things the hard way-I had to dance in the fire and get burnt. But thank you so much for your help guys-especially deej,tony, and everyone else who tried to put me on the right path-It meant a lot to me.


Thank you



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