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need help


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MY husband came here after work and said he wanted to talk to me about xmas we agreed that we would be at his moms on xmas eve as always and he wants to spend the night here on xmas eve so he wakes up with them on xmas morning , I said "fine , and after that I don't want to talk or see you till march " "I am going to my therepist you go to yours and we will see what happens after we spend some time apart"


ok he agrees that we are getting no where like this , but then he says "I will not be giving you any money , I will take the bills and take your name off the bank account and I will pay the bills as I like and if you want money you have to ask me for it " I just broke down and lost it , how am I surpose to get out of this , when at this point he has the power to take everything from me , I just want to be here with my kids and put my life back togeather .


What am I surpose to do ? I have been looking for a job for a Month , but its hard when you haven't worked in 10 years cause he wanted it that way, now I know why he didn't want me to work , because he wanted to control me . I am scared because he can bulls*** anyone into anything. does he have the right to leave me with nothing but what he wants to give me ?? thanks for being here ! I am a mess !

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Have no fear!!!


First thing in the morning, call a good attorney who specializes in family law. Your husband will have to pay your attorney fees in this case, since you have been married to him and have not worked.


The attorney will get court orders stopping him from closing various accounts, which in most states you are entitled to half the contents of. The attorney will also get a court order obligating your husband to pay you a set amount of money each month according to your expenses.


Go over all the details with your attorney and all elements of this situation can be handled in a proper legal fashion.


The attorney may try to talk you into divorcing this rotten, controlling jerk but you will not be obligated to do that. But after being married to him as long as you have, you need to assert your rights in the marriage. If he draws the money out of the accounts before you freeze them, he could hide the money forever. You haven't worked as hard as you have in the marriage for nothing.


To answer your question, he can leave you at any time but he has no right to take your half of the marital assets at this or any other time. You better stand up for yourself here because if you don't, a lot of years of hard work could go right down the toilet.


Do not think about this...do not hesitate. Get to an attorney as soon as possible.


Your husband is a no good bum.

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