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, Should i break up with bf?

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hello. my boyfriend and i have been together for more than a yr and half.. but we have broken up countless times throughout our relationship together. let's just say our relationship is a bumpy one.. A lot of mistrust, anger and suspicion is involved. Mostly by him though. So i kinda get frustrated and angry in response to him not trusting me. in the past we both had our mistakes. i really regret it. ive never held his past against him except for a few times. i believe in letting go of the past.. forgive and forget. however he, not so much.. So cos of that, we end up fighting a lot than before. i truly do love him. but i dunno.. these past few days, i feel something is missing or gone between us. we are not fighting currently and are talking to each other. but just not often.. we rarely talk over the phone or meet cos he is always tired after work and gets cranky. when i do talk to him, he seems a little detached. hmm i really really miss how we used to be. i feel as if us fighting a lot has made our love fade. hmm should i break things off? i love him, i care about him.. but i feel that light or sparkle is gone.. or shld i try to work things out? :confused::(

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