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* my gf's best friend comming between us*

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Hello all,


Im a lesbian and i am un comfortable with my gf's best friend. Her bf will see her 5 days outof the week, and i will see my gf for maybe 1 or 2 days if im lucky. one day i was ove rmy gf's house and her bf came unexpectedly and asked my gfr to go to the docs, and my gf said no and now my gf and her bf are arguing because the bef feels shes not there for her and chooses me over her. Now today is out 4 mnth anniversary, and shes spending it with her bf. I ve felt pushed aside for her bf plenty of times, i have an odd feeling about it and im jus sadd now. I feel like her bf has no right to complain to my gf about time wen i barely get any of it! i jus dunno wut to do and idk if im crazy or not but plz help!

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