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100,000 posts and counting!

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Hi all,


And so it happens that in the wee hours of the morning of Sunday, November 23, 2003 (well, at least in my time zone ;)), I am now posting the 100,000th message on this forum.


Technically, there have been many many more that suffered short-lived lives as testing 1-2-3s or that were feeble attempts at spam; and let us not forget the occasional nasty post or two destined to be deleted. Nonetheless we'll still celebrate and embrace the arbitrary number that ends in so many zeros, always looking forward to adding a few more.


And now that I've spent my evening waiting anxiously for this moment, I can finally get my requisite beauty sleep. ;)


Thanks to all of you that have contributed to this site and who have brought and continue to bring a real sense of community to LoveShack.org!


Best wishes,


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