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A question about a co-woker... I'm interested, and she seems it too.


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Okay, I am a 16 year old male virgin. I haven't had a girlfreind since 5th grade, if you even want to call it that. So, I am not used to this. It seems like everyone around the kitchen knows that I want this girl.


The thing is, I wasn't really interested until someone else told me that she was interested in me. So, I think there may be a chance that we could "hook-up", but I am not quite sure if I have the, ummmm, balls to ask her. I haven't asked a girl out in a long time.


I don't drive, but we only live about 20 minutes away walking distance. And some of the things she says make me believe she really does like me. What do you guys think?

- me: Okay, if you want a hug, juts come ask for one.

Her: I'm gonna be coming over to you every 10 minutes.

- Someone else: John, would you be interested in dating (her)

Me: Uncomfortable at her asking, yet the girl DID NOT do anything like "ewwwww, i don't like him!" She just ast there, and made me uncomfortable.

- Like today, we were having a blast in the kitchen, doing little things, such as making the otehr person's job harder (in a fun, flirtacious way).

- Her TELLING me of her losing virginity, who she lost it too, how she's done with idiot guys, and wants a nice guy (Like me)

- She always asking me why I don't date.


^^^ How do those signs look? Am I just taking it too seriously? Sorry if you are confused reading it,. Tahnks for the help in advance. I've read through quite a few other topics and found out you people aren't like 99% of the internet and are actually REAL people, with REAL experience, so I've decided to post this.


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It sounds like there is something there.But you'll never know if you don't try.

So I would have to say go for it........

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Well, after working again with her last night, I have an update to our situation.

-She is telling me not to change for a female, because I was saying how idiots always get the girls, and the nice guys finish last.

-She said she's been with guys who don't drive, and it was better than with guys who did drive.

-She said she's into guys who want a girl for more than sex, LIKE YOU.

-She hugged me for about 4 seconds longer than usual.


Yeah, I may sound crazy in the last statement, but she's just always in my mind :(. I spoke with a freind of mine about the matter too, and he said she's basically giving you the "it's okay to ask me out" feeling. Yeah, thanks for reading this. Any opinions are more than welcome, even if they are harsh ;).

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