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Relationship is going very, very, very well... too well.


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I met this girl on Labor day who is very, very cute; has a great career and knows what she wants in life.


We've been on two dates so far which have gone incredibly well... the funny thing is that I'm not romantic at all; however, the dates made me look like a seasoned pro.


After the second date, we walked to the end of a pier and I could totally read her... which is one thing that I'm terrible at... and we ended up kissing. Since it was a school night, I called it off before it got awkward... another thing that I'm terrible at.


So far, I'm thinking that I have been scoring very well in the points department.


The one totally weird thing is that outside of the great dates, conversations, e-mails and phone calls I have absolutely nothing in common with her. Lots of great chemistry etc.; however, that's it.


My big question is am I just getting the jimmy shakes over nothing. In all of my years of dating, I've never had it go so good. Come to think of it, I've never had anything in common with almost all the women i have ever dated.


The ones that usually stick around the longest are the ones that sleep with me on the first date... which usually lasts a couple of months and turns into a FB relationship.


Today is going to be our non-datey-date activity together, hiking with some of my rowdy, crude and crazy friends. I totally warned her about them; however, she's all for it.

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It could the one for you ,who knows,

after a while she might go crazy ,

and chase down the street with a knife in her hand

,only time will tell........and so will the news.

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