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Just a letter . I cant send him . He is offline now...But I want to post it here .At least will express all what is suffocating me .



I was in a very emotional affair which had very deep soultouching meaning for me ..

Some time ago we broke up . We broke up as there was some issue of misunderstanding together with hurting ..

He - me, then me - him , so on ...u know how it happens ..

It was a very hurting awful time for me ,as I did not know what to do .


My mind was telling me :"he hurt you as he thinks you deserve it so"

My heart was saying : "we are made for each other ,this or next or after next life , maybe past life .. lol ... but we need to be together .. "

Dammm ... I was totally lost ..


My Letter is so confusing now ...I know .. Excuse me ,please ,

do not read if you do not like ..


My grammar and style are a bit better in real ..

Now am a bit confused ... so good he is not online ... as he would not get me what I want ...



But I know what I want ... All I want is his happiness and I will truly bravely accept every of his decisions regarding all this bs happening now .. I am so lost .. I opened my hair to cover my face as tears are showing their way from eyes .. damm ... I was never so nervous before ...



ok ... sorry again ...

I want him to be happy ..

He decides what I will respect and honor his decision ... maybe I wont love it ..lol ... but will honor for sure .. and will act according to his decisions ..


I .. I cant write any more ..

all my body is terribly trembling .. ..

I will accept any decision ..

and will always bless him ..




do not slap me for this post .. I said 'sorry' .

There were many feelings mixed all up .. and my vacuum cleaner was spoilt .

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