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Just wanted to thank the site.

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For the advice I have recieved so far.


I posted my issue/question on other advice sites to see what kind of feedback and advice I got across a broad spectrum and I was met with hostility and aggression so fierce at one advice site that I literally felt like the person was reaching through my monitor ready to choke me.


The maturity level of the posters on this site seems to be alot better then the others and has equated to better posts and better feedback that has been more helpful to me.


I only wish that the rest of the websites on the internet were at least closer to this site in terms of mature posters, but alas most internet posters out there follow the cardinal rule of the internet.




C'est la vie...


Thanks so far!

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Hope you stick around. As you can see, LS is slightly addictive.


All sites have issues, sorry to hear you had that experience..


I remember a long time ago I joined an anxiety website and thought I was going to get help. Instead I got made fun of, put down and it made me feel worse, so I left. I joined another site which helped me so much, and the people were understanding too.

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