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If dating is the search for your significant other....

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I beleive that dating is really just what we do until we meet "the one".



A little background:

My parents are from Germany and Ireland. Even though my grandparents live in the states also my brother and I are first generation born in the states. My parents are open minded and loving people. They also believe that no decisions in life should embarass the family or go against the whole families values and beliefs. Even if they beleive differently they always due what will keep peace with the whole family.



Having said that brings up my next topic. It isn't a thought that I ponder often but it does cross my mind from time to time. It is the fact that my boyfriend and I are taking our relationship to the next level. I really enjoy him and I could realistically see him in my life for the long run. But I don't jump into things such as love...so we haven't gone that far as to proclaim our "love". But we still proclaim our feelings minus that word. I never want to say it until I am positive it is love and not infatuation or a crush or anything. When I say it I want it to be real thing.


Well it has crossed my mind a few times on how my family will react. He is 38 and I am 25. Unheard of in my family. But not too bad. He is black. Unheard of in my family...but they are good people not anything they wouldn't get over with time and from metting him. But put the two together a 38 year old black male and I am concerned.


He likes to play golf and so does my father he asks often when will he ever get the chance to play with my father and to be honest I think I am scared to tell my father about my boyfriend.


It's like I want two lives so I won't have to go through the introduction of him to my family. But I also am aware I may be dramatising.




I was just wondering others thoughts about the subject.


I am a grown woman who is ultimatly going to live my own life. But the nervessness of walking uncharted grounds is still here.

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sounds familiar - my family also has "issues", and i'd be horrified of bringing home somebody with two "issues".


i think you need to be concerned about his feelings as much as your family's. if he senses that your family has "issues" with him, -well, it's just better he doesn't, right?...


but aside from that, i think if they see that u LOVE this guy, they'll accept him. if you introduced him when u started dating, they may try and talk you out of it; but when u introduce him as your LT boyfriend, i think they'll go with it...


just some thoughts.


good luck!


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