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I need advice

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we love each other, but some strange things happend to him nad his ex-girlfriend. That's happening is not same.

somebody came his home,when he went to work without unlocked about 2 month ago.

And few days ago, somebody called his ex-girlfriend.

And She said " He is mine, stay away!."


So maybe he doubted me. Also he asked me some question about that.


But I didn't do that.......That'S true.


And he said he need time to think everything.


but he called me he is confusing, but he is sure he loves me and he is not leaving me.


but I don't know what should I do.....

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I also don't get it.


WHat other languages do you speak? Perhaps post in French or Spanish, some people may be able to help you.



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I didn't really understand your post either.


Something happened to your boyfriend - a break-in at his home maybe?


And about 2 months later someone called his ex-girlfriend and she got jealous and told whoever called that they were still together?


Your boyfriend somehow suspects that you had something to do with both of these acts?


Perhaps he was hurt by his ex-girlfriend and has developed some general trust issues with all women. If that is the case all you can do is be honest with him and stand by him and allow him the time and space he needs to sort this out.


He said he still loves you and is not leaving you so trust in that and be supportive of him.

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Yes I am not native speaker. Because I am japanese girl.

And I live in japan. My boyfrined is American.

Sorry about my englsih skill.



somebody break his house. but he or she didn't steal anything.

So he (my boyfriend) though somebody who knows him, did.


And about two years later, Somebody called his ex-girlfriend.

(He told me he and his ex-girlfriend still keep in touch. )

And somebody said his ex-girlfriend" he is mine, so stay away!" on the phone.


I didn't do that not at all, but he asked me some questions.

such as " did you call somebody last night?" " what did you do?"

"Did you call her, my ex|girl friined?" something like this.


And he said me he needs the time to think evrything.

but he is sure he loves me and he is not leaving me.


I don't know what should I do.

So I just emailed him I trust you and I trust you can find out the truth.


but I am worry about our relathiopnship.


I wanna konw some coments!

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Hi Baby 88,


I'm going to try to paraphrase what you've said to make it a little easier for others to understand:



Apologies for my use of English. I'm not a native speaker. I'm Japanese and am living in Japan. My boyfriend is American.


A while ago, someone broke into my boyfriend's house. They didn't steal anything, so he thinks it must have been someone who knew him.


Two-years later, his ex-girlfriend, who he still keeps in touch with, gets a phone call from a stranger. During the conversation, the anonymous caller said: "He's mine, so stay away!"


I wasn't the one who called, but suspected me and asked me about it: Questions such as "Did you call someone last night?" "What were you doing?" "Did you call my ex-girlfriend?"


He says he needs time to himself to think about our relationship, but that he's sure he still loves me and that he doesn't want to breakup.


I don't know what I should do.


So I just emailed him and I told him that I trust him and I trust he can find out the truth, but I am worried about our relationship.


What do you guys think?

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