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am i about to do something wrong???


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I recently posted a thread about how i caught my bf on a dateline

and he'd gotten other girls #'s well we broke up over it. It's been 2 mo's and we were trying to work things out, but after some advice from a few people here i finally ended the whole thing.

Well i went shopping w/ some of my friends and afterwards we

wen't out to the club to go dancing. Well i saw this guy there and

i couldn't believe how attracted to him i was i was totally drawn to him. Well later on He approached me and told me the same thing i'd been feeling about him anyways...We danced and talked

the whole night and really hit it off he even met up w/ my friends

and i for breakfast. He asked for my # and i gave it to him.

He called me right on schedual and asked if i would like to go to

a movie this weekend i said yes. I just want to know if anyone thinks it's to early for me to date? I did just recently get out of a

breakup that really hurt me ,but i do think this guy will be a good person and think he deserves a chance, i'm just not healed from

my last relationship yet. Should i wait until i am????

pleeeeeease advice would really be appreceated.



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I think going on a date is a good healing step - but don't go too far, this is your rebound guy.

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