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Should I be ticked off?


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The man I've been dating for a little over two weeks said that we'd talk "tomorrow" which was yesterday and he didn't call. I was the one who called him on Sunday, so I didn't think it should have been me to call yesterday.

This happened again on Saturday when he called me from his cell phone in the car to ask how I was. When I started talking he told me he couldn't talk long because he was in the car going to pick up his daughter and that he'd call me later in the evening, which he didn't.

Since this is a new person should I tell him the next time I speak or see him that I don't appreciate these kinds of things?

I wonder if he's being like this because I didn't let the physical activities go very far Friday night even though he had told me he wasn't going to push me or rush anything, that I would take it at the pace I wanted. He wanted me to stay over with him last Friday night, but I had to study for exams and told him I didn't want to get too distracted or loose my focus.

When I last spoke to him Sunday night he said something like,"I don't want to get carried away in this conversation because my friend is here. We'll talk tomorrow."

What did this "carried away" imply?

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sounds like you already are ticked off.


I don't see any problem here. You've only been dating a couple of weeks. You need to communicate with him. If him telling you he will call and then does not call upsets you - tell him that. He's not a mind reader. He may just be inconsiderate or just not thinking about how it may make you feel.


My brother does that kind of thing and it royally pisses me off. I've talked to him about it, but he doesn't care so now I ignore him. He made a special trip out to see us (he lives a few hours away) and we told him that there was a good chance we wouldn't be home and we made sure we were not home so he made the trip for nothing. It didn't even bother him! He's had us waiting around the house all day sometimes (having changed other plans just for him) because he said he was going to come over then he doesn't and doesn't even bother to call.


Sorry, I digress. . .


If you think he's the kind of guy that would try to manipulate you by treating you a certain way because he didn't get what he wants, then dump him. But find out for sure - it may just be insecurity or suspicion on your part.


No one but him can tell you what he meant by "carried away" on the phone. Don't waste time wondering what this might imply - just ask him.


You need to communicate with him.

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