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Interested or not? -- guys thoughts!


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I need some advice on figuring out what this guy may really be thinking about me:


I met this guy online. (not through a dating site, just while browsing online)


We seemed to get along fairly well online. But many times he was interested in talking dirty. I said i didn't want to chat about stuff like that if we were going to eventually meet in person.


He had asked to meet up with me via sms, i was busy that evening so i couldn't meet up. He seemed to get annoyed and didn't message me again for about a week. He then messaged me again asking to meet up and we finally did.


We went out to a club and just played pool then went out for a meal together. He seemed to be showing interest in me. I noticed him checking me out, eyeing me up and down. He would also touch my arm or leg occasionally during conversation which i saw as a sign of interest also. His body language showed that he was attracted to me. At the end of the evening we hugged each other goodbye. Just before leaving he said something like 'its good you pulled away because i might have tried something'. I assumed either try and kiss me or something along those lines.


He then raced home in his car hoping that i'd be online to chat with him. During our chat conversation that night he had a go at me telling me that i didn't really show any interest towards him. He said 'if i had gone any slower i would have been going backwards'.



A few days later he wanted to meet up with me again. He invited me over to his house to watch a movie. (He lived alone). I was a bit hessitant with the idea at first because i hardly knew him and din't know what his intentions were. I ended up agreeing so long as he picked me up. He lived about 35mins away. He picked me up and we went back to his house. During the time i was there he was very distant from me. It seemed like he had lost all his interest towards me somehow. His body langauge showed he was thinking differently to the other time we went out also. I tried to make him laugh by messing around with him, but he seemed to just get annoyed at me instead. Once the movie finished he couldn't wait to take me home. He said he was really tired.


He may have just been after a bit of sexual fun with me, i don't know. But if he was he didn't even try anything. Not even a single kiss. He didn't lay a single hand on me either.



After i got home i went online to see if he would do the same once he got home. He did go online, but when he realised i was online also he went off again. Obviously he wasn't tired and wanting to go to bed when he got home.



I ended up emailing him a few days later to see what was going on. I told him i could tell he seemed uncomfortable around me and wondered if he was annoyed at me. I didn't think i'd get a reply. But surprisingly he did reply. Here is what his reply said:


"just relax and stop reading into everything.. i really got uncomfy and

annoyed with u the other nite, i dont know why, maybe it was a mistake

inviting u over..... just cool it for a while


i dont know how to take you, i think we r both on different wave lengths"




A few days later i messaged his phone asking if he'd like to go with me to a friends party, i said to him that it may be a bit more comfortable for us around other people. If i didn't hear back from him i wasn't going to bother with him anymore.


He replied saying 'can i bring a friend? will there be many other girls there?'


I don't know how to view that response. Has he lost interest in me and he wants to see if he can pick up other girls at the party?, or is he wanting to bring his friend along to check me out for his opinion and also let his friend try and pick up a girl at the party?, or is he just want to bring a friend along so he doesn't feel so uncomfortable around me?.


Guys any views on this would be great!

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He is obviously only after one thing; he had expectations when you two met up that he would be entering into an immediate sexual relationship. Clearly you are not ready to move so fast, and this is why he got pissed off with you. He sounds a bit passive aggresive, and that's why he acted disinterested when you came over to his house - if you weren't going to give him sex, he saw the meeting as a waste of time.


He probably wants to bring his friend along to this party for all the reasons you mentioned. Clearly his friend needs to be able to pick up a girl at this party so that he can be alone with you if you look like you're going to be more sexually open with him. Otherwise, if you continue to go at your own pace, he is still with his friend so the night wasn't completely 'wasted'.


I would drop this boy like a hot potatoe. He is treating you like crap and clearly only interested in a sexual relationship. Don't get emotionally involved with such a pig, you'll only degrade yourself. You deserve better!

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What you say sounds very valid, however why is it he didn't try making any moves on me once i was at his house then?


If he was just after sex, shouldn't he have tried to make a move or atleast show more interest?


Just a thought.

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