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? for the girls on being approached


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If you want to be simple, you can introduce yourself. I would say, "Hey, my name is Diplok."


After she tells you her name, if it's in class, ask her about the class, wait for her answer and build the conversation from there. Talk to her everyday for a few minutes at a time. If this is a person you see on a regular basis, get to know her little by little by making small talk. Don't ask her out right away.


Actually, I just met someone on the subway yesterday. I'll tell you how it went.


I got on the Subway and took my seat. About 15 minutes later this gorgeous girl with big gorgeous blue eyes walks in and seats across from me. I glanced at her without her noticing, but quickly turned to the book I was reading. I noticed she was wearing New Balance sneakers. I said, nice pair of New Balance, they must be really comfy. She smiled and said "yeah I love them." I said, by the way my name is Diplok. She said, hey I'm Julia. We talked and talked the whole subway ride. When it came time to get off I said, well I have to go but talking with you certainly made this subway ride a whole lot shorter than it actually is. Then i made a light hearted joke, I said "This is the part where you voluntarily give me your number because you know very well no one in NYC can hold a conversation as well as I. She gave me her number and i gave her mine.


She called me last night, we chatted for about 10 minutes. She wanted to chat more but I had friends coming over so I let her go. I'll call her sometimes during the week to see if she wants to go out and do something fun tomorrow or something.

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