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I Need Advice


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Two years ago I met this girl who I was interested in. After dating her for about two weeks, I told her I was interested in her exclusively. Later that same day, I called another girl and asked her on a date. I don't know why I did this. These two found out about each other (one was the other's sister's good friend) and the whole thing exploded in my face. On top of it, though I apologized profusely at first, instead of letting the matter rest and moving on, I called girl #1 several times in the next few months because I really liked her and wanted to talk to her. But the conversations did not go well at all and it looked like I was harassing her.


I really want to get rid of this embarassment. The thing is, I date in a very small circle of people and I think this incident is going to follow me around forever. I fear that other girls will not date me because they heard through the grapevine about this and by the time it gets to them it is exagerated and I am a total villain. How do I let people know that I am really sorry for the stupidity that went on and I am a different person now?

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