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All she does is complain

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Old 18th July 2016, 12:12 PM   #31
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I am pretty sure I've been where you are. Living with a woman who can't/won't be happy no matter what you do or say. Trying to make time with her won't work as she won't even approve of a babysitter. Constantly stressed and feeling like your walking on eggshells.

For me, I think I was a lot more pro-active on the kids angle. You have probably already noticed the others letting you know that you need to up you daddy game.
Here's what I think you should you need to both come up with emergency car accident prep plans: as it what would happen to you or to her if one of you died in a car accident tomorrow? You need to know everything you would have to do for this kid if that happened. From feeding, to sleeping to diapers to clothes. It's easier than it looks, and you get used to the poop. And your wife may need to start working so that she could cover bills.

Without the right preparation...your kid's life is at risk. Right?
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Old 18th July 2016, 11:35 PM   #32
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Originally Posted by Elswyth View Post
Honestly. Anyone would complain if the father of their child 'couldn't do poop' and thus automatically exempts himself from ever changing diapers... I'm not saying she doesn't have issues, but you sure as hell do too. NOBODY likes poop, people just make themselves get used to it if they have children because they have to.
This. I've heard many men echo this foolishness about having their wives change diapers because of the smell of poop.

Very immature and selfish attitude.

Being a mother is so much harder when there's an unhelpful partner to deal with as well.

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Have you ever spent 24 hours with a toddler? It is as much of a full time job as a regular job. Do you do anything at home, or do you expect her to do everything all the time?

Has she tried to give you and your son time to bond? Has she tried to let go at all?

This is both of your faults. Equally.

Also, have you had your son tested for autism?
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