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Do you think this behavior is right?

Cheating, Flirting, and Jealousy Being unfaithful to your significant other or suspect them of the same? Can't stand the way they flirt? Jealous? Discuss your experiences here.

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Old 6th January 2018, 3:05 PM   #31
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I would eat the cost of the couch. You got rid of the old one, and you'd have to replace it anyways. Just consider it payment for a life lesson learned - and remember, if there were children involved, that 2K would be only the first of many, many much larger bills you got out of paying...
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Originally Posted by Hellthrash View Post
Thanks again to everyone for the help and advice.

I'm not dealing with this situation any more, time to move on but I have a little problem with that.

I know she's going to turn nuts the minute I break up with her. I don't care about that really, but I want my stuff out of that house (I don't live with her but I stay alot on her house)

Two months ago we decided to move together so I bought a couch. We didn't have a place to put the couch in that minute so she told me to get rid of her couch and put the new one there (I know! Big mistake) so we did and I'm still paying that couch, I'm talking about a 2 thousand dollar couch. I'm not leaving her that couch, is not for the money, Its just because she doesn't deserve NOTHING from me.

The store where I bought the couch has there own credit so I applied and the contract is on my name, they run my credit. There's no name of her on this contract.

Any advice how to take that couch out of there?
She LOVE this couch. I don't think she will allow me to take it that easy.
She can easily call the police and tell them I'm stilling the couch.

My sister told me to go with the police but a don't thing the police can do nothing in situation like this no?

She doesn't leave the house either. Believe it or not, on this 7 months of relation she been out of that house only when I take her out (she doesn't have a car) and the temperatures over here today are -13 F

Any advice?

Thank u again for the support.
If the couch is in your name and you can prove it then she can call the cops all she wants.

Probably a good idea to have a Voice Activated Recorder on you when you deal with her. Nothing like a bad breakup to get a DV charge on you...which is why I said before kick her out of your life before you end up ......

If you don't want such confrontation, arrange for someone else to get your stuff..I now it sounds odd and a bit avoidant, but believe me, I am the poster boy for this type of thing going south real fast.

In your shoes, I'd just leave the couch. Although it's won't be nearly as expensive as a lawyer if you get charged with something you have to prove you didn't do. 2 grand you can always make's hard to make amends on a DV charge, even if it's trumped up.
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Just tell her that the couch is being recalled due to bad work/safety issue. You will need to send it back, and of course the guys that come around to help you pick it up, are your friends..

However, like the poster before me said, it is in your name, and so its yours.
She cant do a thing about it.

BUT, make sure to video the couch's condition, and also make sure to place a "Current" newspaper on the couch to show that when you left the couch was in perfect condition.
So if it has damage, you can prove she did it.

But, me, I would leave it.
Let her know that you will leave her the couch, so every time she sees and uses it, she will remember how she "Seen" and "Used" you.

Believe me, she will think of you every time she sees the couch.

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Depending where you live, you can have the sheriff show up with you to claim your couch. Check your local laws with the police (you don't need a lawyer for this) to see what method is legal to repossess the couch.

You could even give her a bs story that they are repossessing the couch because you haven't been making payments. And have your buddies take it away.

If she gets violent or blocks you and the movers, YOU call the cops, and show them the paper work. They will make sure you can leave with your couch without incident.

If you don't want to leave her high and dry, find a couch on craigslist for a hundred buck to replace it.

You are a fool if you believe that having each others passwords = trust.

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