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What length of skirt is appropriate?

Business and Professional Relationships Networking and maintaining a positive environment in the work place is important! Surviving the 9-to-5 within.

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Always loved that statement , dress for the job you want. My boss would fire me on the spot if i showed up in my beach garb! Yes the job i want is to be on a nice tropical island.... Doing absolutely nothing to make someone else richer👍
Now to answer on the inquiry of skirt length. One inch below your hands positioned at sides. That is highest it can go . You can have longer bohemian skirts to 3/4 quarter length as well. Veer from wiggle skirts. Same too with the tube skirt.....
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you don't want to look sexy at all, you never know whose toes you might tread on if you look like competition, I think a mini gets men interested
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Originally Posted by Eternal Sunshine View Post
I want to leave a good first impression at my new job and don't want to dress slutty. At my current work place, the dress code is pretty relaxed and pretty much anything goes. I often wore really short skirts, black leggings and boots....

There is no dress code at my new work place, but I still want to make more of an effort. Should a skirt be at least up to the knee level? If it helps, it's a large research institute so not a university and I won't be doing any teaching, just 100% research.
Though short skirts, black leggings and boots are very sexy and hot, not for work, not if you want to make a good impression. I'd say knee level or less and try not to show any cleavage for a while.

Ex gf loved to wear short skirts to work, where I could see her panties when seated, not porfessional at all IMHO.

We can wear whatever we want at my job, too. I'm in management so I chose to still dress business casual. Nice Khakis and a button down shirt, pressed. I won't wear my tight jeans or form fitting shirts, like I do on the weekends. Doesn't feel appropriate. My team wears jeans and t-shirts though.

I was kind of talking about this Saturday night with my good female friend, who is petitie and a little chesty. She said she tries not to show cleavage at work, but some of her outfits do show a bit, and, if she feels inappropriate she will wear a jacket or sweater overtop and once in her office, door closed, take it off. She came directly from work when I met her out Friday night, and her breasts were definitely "popping" but she had a blazer on.
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Meh the guys in the office asked me to wear short skirts so I do that. Including senior management.
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I have never had less respect or people talking about me due to the way I dress. And it includes mini skirts and cleavagy tops (though not usually at the same time!)
I do, however, work in the entertainment industry, so things are possibly more casual than other industries...

It was also not uncommon to be wearing a bikini under my clothes in the summer...
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