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Did he ever even care about me?

Breaks and Breaking Up It happens to most everyone at some point in life! Share your experiences!

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Just wanted to add that itís not very fair to the new guy when youíre still so worked up about every single action of your ex.
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Originally Posted by tulip1989 View Post
We carried on with the space thing, during which I blocked him on social media a couple times, but he didn't seem to notice. I also put up a few cryptic fb statuses about my ex to bait him but he obviously wasn't checking my facebook. I was doing a charity thing the next weekend and he texted me to say he donated some money and that hopefully he'd see me the following weekend. I didn't think we were gona leave it three weeks so it seemed like he didn't really care enough to see me. I was angry so I didn't reply to his texts arranging to meet up for a few days. He got really annoyed and texted me saying he was going to 'take a rain check' on meeting up because I was 'playing silly games'. This really annoyed me so I rang him and told him that I was going to break up with him anyway and he said he could tell, and that I was going about it in the wrong way. Again, he didn't seem bothered, but he said he was, just that he'd had time to consider that this would be the outcome. I started crying cos I felt really bad about breaking up with him. I said it wasn't him, it was me and I was really stressed out with work and not in the place I thought I was after my previous boyfriend. He didn't even try to persuade me to stay with him, and just accepted it! Even when I asked him what he would've said he just said it didn't matter!

I noticed a few days later that he unfollowed me on IG and I felt really confused about it so I deleted him on Facebook. I sent him his birthday present in the post 2 weeks later and he texted me to thank me for it, and told me he was going travelling for 3 months! Why didn't he care enough to stick around and fight for me and try to get me back? Did he ever even care about me?

Overall, you two had terrible communication and fed off of eachother's negative reactions until the whole relationship ended.

Threatening to breakup with your man in order to test his committment to you is manipulation. You will put him through a severely emotional rollercoaster over and over again until he burns out. He simply got to a point where he could no longer see a point in trying to fight for someone who was impossible to win over. Don't play games. If you want a good healthy relationship, address the real issues upfront and work on them together.

You should spend some time and figure out what's making you insecure so that you can work on it and get better. That kind of behavior will be detrimental to every relationship you ever have (Familial, friendships, romantic pursuits, acquiantances etc.).

Stay strong

- Beach
People are meant to be loved. Things are meant to be used. The problem is we use people and love things..

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Originally Posted by Zahara View Post
You baited him once before by talking about your ex and he didnít bite and now you intentionally posted about this new guy to hurt him. Those are jackass moves.
Well afterwards he got all angry and called me a child, but he's the one throwing his toys out the pram and getting angry about it? I reckon he just needs to get over himself a bit. He messaged me about the phone number that he coulda googled which is just as confusing as me watching his IG stories if he wants to show that he doesn't care about me.
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