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Does the anger ever go away?

Infidelity In an affair or suspect your significant other? Share your experiences and concerns here.

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Old 7th November 2017, 4:19 AM   #46
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Hi Brown eyed, on reading through your thread again I found that almost everyone was concentrating on the aspect of anger in your case but seemed to overlook an equally if not more, important fact. Your wife was in an affair for [/B]two years off and on and after your first D Day you caught her repeatedly cheating again.[B] The fact is that a two year affair is a swansong for your marriage and there is really no coming back from that. Your wife is not remorseful and there is no point in flogging a dead horse and trying to reconcile with her. Your efforts are guaranteed to fail and your anger will only mount and become unbearable. Just leave and find a good woman to actually love you. Warm wishes.
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Maybe - if you count replacing it with not giving a $h!t. There is a form of peace in this.
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while you are separated, is she back in with her AP?
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