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Justanaverageguy 10th November 2017 6:55 AM

Anyone met a spiritual guru \ saint ?
Interested to hear peoples experiences if they have encountered or met a spiritual guru or "saint". If they got anything out of the experience - if they felt anything.

I've previously spent time staying in Ashrams and attending a variety of spiritual events. I've met a variety of different people - some just other seekers, some performers and some self declared gurus with their own followers. Often I would get a bit of a feeling from some of these people but nothing really too out of the ordinary. Normally just I could feel that they were very calm, peaceful souls.

Last week I visisted a Darshan event held by Amma. She is often referred to as the hugging saint. Shes an indian woman with a massive following who travels the world providing darshan - which is simply to hold events where she hugs people. A friend invited me and I didn't really know what to expect I had heard of her in passing but didn't know too much about her specifically.

I was rather shocked to turn up at the event and find a line of literally thousands of people queuing in order to get a ticket to receive a hug (they are free - ticket just required to keep things orderly). The line was so ridiculously long that I contemplated going home but my friend encouraged me to stay so I did.

After a ceremony and blessing the hugging began. I honestly wasn't expecting that much and couldn't really see what the fuss was about to hug an old lady. The queue is so large that the hugging takes about 12 hours to get through everyone - as such we were waiting around for a while and got asked to go in and help in the kitchen with cleaning up for the event - which we did. There I spoke to a bunch of people who raved about how Amma had changed their lives and they now follow her on her tours through Europe and the USA to volunteer and help in anyway they can. The guy I was cleaning beside me kept chuckling and saying your in for something if this is your first time.

My interest was now a little peaked ..... we actually over stayed our time in the kitchen and missed our call for Darshan but they let us in line when we finally left the kitchen. When I stepped on the stage - booom. It was like hit a wall of energy. That woman has an something you can really feel. The whole stage was crammed with people in any space they could fit sitting and meditating and trying to get as close as possible to her for as long as possible. They had people politely asking people to leave to make room for others it was so overcrowded. I had an intense and indeed almost painful feeling in my head in the area between my eyes which moved down to the heart. I was ushered to the front by an assistant for a hug and after that I spent a good hour on the stage with everyone else just absorbing what ever it was that was going on there.

The whole week since - I've been buzzing and in an amazing mood. Just feel lighter - like a load was lifted off me. Also had some weird intense experiences while meditating and going to sleep at night.

Anyone else had an experience like this ? Also highly recommend giving her a visit if she happens to come through your area.

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