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...I went to work and then came home. I ate a couple of meals. Now I'm tired and thinking of going bed.


Tomorrow, after I get up, I will eat a few meals and do some things. Not sure what. After that I will go to bed.


Sunday should be about the same.


(Why did the music stop?)


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That sounds really interesting. It really stimulates my imagination. So, thank you. I'm wondering if you sleep naked, and how many times you chew before you decide to swallow. Looking forward to more details. Please don't leave out any rude bits.


I'm Nemo, and I'm back!

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Thank you! Thank you!


I worked on that for a long time. Trying to get the wording "just so". In the end, I guess turned out to be nothing short of a masterpiece.

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Damn, I could have saved myself a trip to the kitchen to make chamomile tea to help me sleep. Why didn't you post this before?



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Too sleepy zzzzzzz uhm what? where am I? Oh, yeah, too sleeeepppppyyyy to figure out how to rate this. But rest assured that I'd give it the best rating for a journal that puts one to sleep. Hands down, this is the best one for that.


I'll be checking back every night before I want to go to bed.

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