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Brokenhearted Me

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October 2020




If I ask why
Would you just say goodbye?


I was so afraid
I thought I'll just get hurt
But you lured me out
And encouraged me to trust you
Maybe I shouldn't have
Because it's turning out I may be right after all
Why did you have to do it though
If you will just hurt me like this?

You made me fall in love with you
But can I blame you now for this hurt I'm feeling?
Shouldn't have I known better
Than to believe you?


I hope you're okay
I wish you're feeling better
I would feel bad if you're not
Because you're achieving it
At my expense
I wish I'm there with you now
I wish I could hold you tight
But if I'd been there
Would I even be able to help you at all?
And I can't blame you for it
It's not your intention to do so
I know you don't want me hurt
And I said, we'll see this through
I'm afraid for myself
I'm afraid of how long I can last
I said the happiness is worthy of the pain
But what if the time comes
When the pain just overwhelms it all?
Would you see me as a liar?
Or a weak and coward person?
Or a selfish one?
I know you understand
That it's hard for me
But I don't think you comprehend
Just how painful it is
When you go alone in your own world
Leaving me behind worried
And wondering if you'll ever comeback
If you'll love me still


You said you will listen to all my stories
And you would want to take care of me
You said you want to spend the night
Talking to me just about everything
You have your excuses now
I have only met you
How would I know
If it is not as what you say anymore?


Not every laugh is happy. Not every silence is not okay.


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