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Getting over you



I've come to realize the entire 5 years was just a lie. You are a selfish bp-narc and I feel sorry for next victim.

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Scarlet Ohara


Hello, you must be ME... I just ended a 5 year relationship.  Yes, we are victims... sociopaths pick trusting and vulnerable people.  The red flags started early in my relationship but I chose to ignore them because I have low self-esteem.  The red flags continue and in my case were "hot" red.  It always was my fault that he registered on Plenty of Fish, or American Bisexuals... I drove him to do it.  Still this dummy that is typing this "took him back".  5 wasted years.  Not only was he a sociopathic liar but he always managed to blame me.  Last week, he promised undying love and said he was done chasing other women at 12:30... kissed me and when I felt something was WRONG and went to his home... there was a woman inside. After I went crazy for one week trying to talk to him as he rationalized what he did, I cried then like a miracle, as if someone hit me on the head with a bat... I realized that I am beautiful, intelligent, trusting and loving.  We agreed that if there was another episode of cheating... it was over ... so NOW, It's over, he's blocked, blocked, blocked and I feel better about myself already.  Life goes on... it's his loss.  Take care. 

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