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Cougar hunter



Just kidding ...


Was thinking of putting a "bumper sticker" under my plate saying "seeks cougar" :p:cool:


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OH! You fine cougar... while willingly exposing jugular that was scratched...


Fine. Maybe I'll change it to "seeks cougar / MILF" :laugh::bunny:

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I'm not sure TBF could be considered a cougar. What's the age range? I always thought 40s-up....

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I've seen "Cougars" definitions in their mid-30's and up; they are usually unmarried with no children. 40's and up with no children are cougars. So maybe a panther but not yet cougar? ;) (both are feline species and panther is a subspecies of cougar)

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Oh, I think any single female over 30- divorced or not is a cougar. A milf is a single woman with kid(s).


Men over the age of 30 on the prowl are "Manthers".


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I should get a new plate instead of bumper sticker under my license plate... should now be "manther" :D and put a big yellow smiley right next to it.


Better yet, get the "manther" plate and put the "seeks panther" bumper sitcker under it.


Older women (panthers) are just yummy.

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A cougar and a milf are not the same. A cougar can be a milf, but a milf isn't necessarily a cougar. Make sense? By definition, a milf is hot. A cougar might be hot or nasty looking. The defining characteristic of a cougar is being on the prowl for younger men.


And if you'd seen a cougar, you'd know it. They're easy to spot.

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This was my original intent. Be the intentional prey and get hunted down by a cougar. Then turn her into a MILF. :D


Does this make me a cougarbait? Not really, reverse manther? not really. I'm more into older women w/o children hence cougars. :)

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I was watching a tv show about Cougars. I just realized I was cougarbaited many times. Talk about me being oblivious!

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I've seen the insides of a cougar's home! I don't know if I should be :bunny::bunny: or :eek::eek:


Leopard spotted clothing, pants, and clearly a homely touch that even I would enjoy being in the house.


To bad she recently just got married.

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