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my boyfriend is on drugs!!💔



so I'm 24 and I've been dating this Mexican guy for about six months so far.He's so sweet to me and he gives me whatever I need.He's the same age as me by the way.recently he talked me into moving in with him,so I did just so we could see each other more because he works two jobs.I fell in love with him fast I guess it was because of the way he treats me he makes sure I dont have to want for any thing and I can tell its true love. Ive only been living with him for about a week now and it seems like we fight more now that we live together. I notice everything so when he starts to act different I know that something isn't right. he spends like a hour in the bathroom doing I dont know what everyday so this morning I figured id better find out. So he left to go to work a while ago and i went in the bathroom and looked threw everything. I was searching threw thus box under the sink and their it was two crack pipes. My heat literally fell out of my chest like really ****ing crack.Now I wish I didn't go snooping in the first place because I did not expect to find that. I called him up and told him why couldn't he be honest about the situation he said why did i have to go searching for stuff. Honestly I dont know what to do yes i'm gonna leave him but right now I cant. And I was suppose to move to Mexico with him and start a family ugh this really sucks.


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Bumpin in My Trunk


Mexican and crack? Not the best combination.


Remedy: Ultimatum between drugs or you. If he chooses drugs, walk. If he chooses you, possibly stay. I guess only stay if he is staying sober from any substance

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girl, if you love him. talk to him about rehab or quitting and if he choses the crack then you have to leave him or else youll be hurting yourself

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i hope i am not being too harsh here i really only write what i consider to be what is right, i am not anti drug just learnt in life. Crack i believe is very hard to give up its not something that you just meet someone who makes you happy and then stop using it this is far deeper than that. I would never doubt that he does love you because if he did not he would not have moved in with you it would have been easier him taking drugs away from you. You need to tell him that you know what he is taking and that has to be done soon then you both need to talk about how to deal with this, i feel for you because this is a horrible situation to be in, i wish you all the best.

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