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Why Don't I Believe I Deserve It?



I am still struggling to get over low self-esteem and immense self-doubt, and it frustrates me that I keep sabotaging myself. I feel as though I am preventing myself from getting better, as if I honestly think I don't deserve to feel good and be stronger.


Why so? Its like I feel I don't deserve to be strong because I am weak. Isn't that a weird contradiction? I hate myself for being weak so...I make sure I stay weak. That doesn't make sense.


Or maybe I can't forgive myself for being so awful so many years ago. I'm not that person anymore, but I feel so much shame that I keep myself weak.


So do I keep myself in a permanent state of shame, or do I forgive and heal?

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Have you ever heard of the saying, "Don't judge me by my past, I don't live the anymore". We have all done things we later regretted. That's what makes us human. I cringe thinking about how I handled myself in some situations but time is on our side. Be your best self everyday. Treat people with respect and always give in every sense of the word. I promise you'll sleep better at night.

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