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It's the day after TG and we made it. My children and I made it and it was nice.


Unfortunately, I was sad he didn't even attempt to call the children but I realized they didn't call him either.


Even though he abandoned us and offers no assistance, we had a bountiful Thanksgiving feast with enough to share with others.


My job today is to make sure I don't over-stress about the PL hearing next week. So far he has violated the court order to provide financial documents by a certain time.


I am still nervous he will try to hurt me - my 19 year old is also worried - because although he filed, he does not want to pay anything - child support, alimony nothing - and has threatened our case better not go before a judge.


For now, I continue to move forward while keeping a keen eye on my surroundings at all times as advised by my attorney.

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Stay Strong!!There is nothing a single woman cant achieve.

Proof of that is my mom!!She raised two girls all on her own.And now I wish to give the best to her.

Good times are sure to follow you if you are strong.:)

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