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An the world begins to turn once more

MrNate 2.0


It's only fair I make this the first one.



I wanted to type this before I fell asleep because that's when my mind seems to be most open. I'd put it in a journal on here, but I don't how. Either way, let's go:





You know, it's crazy.


It's crazy how so many chapters in your life can all of a sudden open and close at the same time.


So many of the things you've experienced over time, whether positive or negative, finally begin to show their conclusions. You're finally able to start seeing them through, and then put them to a close.


Those things probably had feelings associated with them. Feelings of joy, happiness, sadness, envy, anger, jealousy and the like. Maybe even confusion. You could also add frustration in there because of the fact you experience so many at once.


However, now it's coming to an end. You're able to face it all at once. Box each up in it's own category to be cast away forever. You're now able to dust off that shelf and make room for something new. Something that can possibly change your life's path forever. It's scary, frightening, even..but necessary.


You start to feel that zest in your soul. That feeling of looking forward to seeing what's behind that corner, instead of believing none existed. The reason they exist now is simple: You worked to make it so. You were the catalyst to change happening in your life once again, and now you're the captain of your ship.


You start to think of the possibilities, where things could go or lead to. It engulfs your soul to the point you make a decision you will use as a cornerstone on the way you live your life. That decision is one simple one:


That you will live the life you want to. You will no longer be stopped by anyone...especially you.


That became possible because you were willing to work hard, and that the universe heard your cry and decided to help. Or that it felt that deep desire in your soul resonate so deeply you hit its frequency.



Or maybe you just passed a simple test: Are you willing to let go in exchange for more?




Who knows. The answers could be many.




But now you have a shot.


A shot to change your life.

A shot to change things around you.

A shot to change yourself.

A shot to change others.



A shot to take yourself further than your dreams ever allowed.


You and your opportunities are as abundant and endless as the Universe.



How will you spend it?

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