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Of men and mullet

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SHE13 Responses 0 votes Best response SHE Pushed from post to pillar, a traffic l



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Pushed from post to pillar,


a traffic light surfer on Darlinghurst Road


Formed from rough words and know it all attitudes


Arrogance between sheets that count bodies not thread.


She is Hell in a pushcart,


personified simply


Graceful disaster or an addicts' epiphany of hope in hopelessness


Just a number,


type female statistic on our governments' hard drive.


SHE is the


Devil may care hitchhiker who wears stillettos that drag attention from,


huge eyes that know too much


while she is unaware her soul can be seen


she forgets to cover the gleam,


or the shimmer


the visible treasury of misuse, abuse, regrets,should have beens and almost made its.



She exists to become the root of all evil at the tupperware party, the misunderstoods poster child


the p and c meetings gossip mill


the succubus of a husbands' boredom.


A reapers' bell tolls for She,


resonates the echo that caresses soul deep her mortailty,


She was always going to be next weeks headline


discarded down by the water in mossy isolation


societal garbage lies still,


hair twining around reeds clinging to movement as an after thought,


her stilletto found on a lonely stretch of bitumen


one red shoe a reminder of humanity's callous disregard.




An enchanted life that failed the pretty woman conclusion






the headliner no one came to claim


dreamy daughter




maternal mother




lusty lover




subtle sister




willowy winsome whore






She the lonely fated mystery,




was once a girl.

answered Nov 18, 2010 by artofsensuality (112 points)

edited Nov 18, 2010 by artofsensuality




0 votes




Time to pass the torch!

You all made my job very difficult. I enjoyed each and every story and poem offered up for this challenge and It was so fun to see the many different directions the same list of words took each of you.

I actually wavered between several entries then I decided to go with my gut and choose the one that I had the strongest reaction to when first reading it. So the winner is...

artofsensuality with her poem, "SHE"

I never thought I would choose a poem as the winner but when I first read it, I was just wowed by the beautiful phrases and powerful story. Granted, when I first read it the puncuation needed some help but what struck me was that I didn't even notice that during my first readthrough because I was so taken by the writing. Well done Deb!

Also I would like give an honorable mention to midnightpoet for her delightful fairy tale "Apples" and also for all the great suggestions offered to Deb.

I don't have time to individually mention all the other stories but I want to thank everyone for participating and providing up with some excellent reading.

I can't wait to see what you all offer up for the next challenge!


answered Nov 23, 2010 by De (73 points)


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